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All members please note

Lancashire Monochrome November meeting – rescheduled to Monday 20 November 2017

The November meeting had been intended to be used for the exchange of glass for perspex in LM frames since the date for submission of members’ entries for the Annual Exhibition is 4 December 2017 meeting.  Arrangements have therefore been made for our cancelled 6 November meeting to be rescheduled to Monday 20 November, the day after the Keynote Speaker event.  It is important that all members should bring their frames to this meeting to exchange glass for perspex, if you are not able to attend could you please arrange for someone else to bring your frames or let me know.

Labelling of entries for the Annual Exhibition

For consistency, it was agreed at the October meeting that we would all follow the Bury PS standard;

  • Use a sheet of A4 paper
  • Use Comic Sans MS font in 12 point
  • Use Centre Justification
  • Leave two line spaces, then
  • Type; The name of the Photographer
  • Leave two line spaces, then 
  • Type; The title of the image
  • Leave two line spaces
  • Cut out the strip of text keeping two line spaces above and below, then attach it angled across the front right hand, bottom corner of the mount – securing with tape on the reverse

If these instructions are unclear please check with Lynn Bentley either at the Keynote event on Sunday 19 November, or at the re-scheduled meeting on Monday 20 November.

Exhibition entries – bring to the scheduled meeting on 4 December 2017

Can everyone please bring their framed exhibition entries to the meeting scheduled for 4 December 2017.  If you can’t make that meeting please ask someone to bring your frames for you, failing that please let me know.  Remember that each parcelled bundle of frames must have an affixed note on the wrapping showing the name of the photographer and titles of the images contained in it.  You might also want to identify which of your 3 submissions is your “reserve”, third image.  Third images will be hung at David Hunt’s discretion if there is enough space spare after allocating space to two images per member.


September 2017

Future Leadership

Dave Flemming, Treasurer, first addressed the need for successors to replace the founder President, Keith Launchbury who is moving home to Cumbria; and founder Vice President, Dave Lewis who has now resigned due to poor health. 

  • George and Helen Coupe were proposed unchallenged and elected unanimously as Joint Presidents by the attending members;
  • Peter Fallas was proposed unchallenged and elected unanimously as Vice President by the attending members.

Everyone at the meeting recognised and appreciated the dedication, organisation and hard work given by Keith and Dave Lewis over the past 21 years.  In particular for Keith’s incisive photographic knowledge and, through his personal contacts, for providing the group with world class speakers on photography and for Dave Lewis’s unstinting hard work, way above and way beyond what has been reasonable to expect of a Vice President, especially in respect of the Annual Exhibition.

Exhibitions Guidelines:

Following extensive and useful debate it was finally determined and agreed by attending members that:


  1. Members are to hold three frames each; 

Anyone currently in possession of more than three frames will bring their extras to a meeting for them to be re-allocated to those members who don’t have sufficient.  Anyone who hasn’t renewed their membership should return any frames as soon as they can.  A review of the durability and condition of frames will be undertaken.  Consideration of whether we need to purchase a clip gun will be decided at the October meeting.


  1. Glass to be replaced with Perspex

To be purchased from Bury Photographic Society at a cost of £1 per sheet.  Members will be provided with three perspex sheets to replace the glass in their own frames, disposing of the glass sheets appropriately.

  1. Members may submit up to three frames for the Annual Exhibition, identifying their third image as a possible “reserve”.

Dave Flemming will liaise with David Hunt at the Museum to estimate a maximum number of images, excluding the glass cabinets.  The size, format and presentation of images within the prescribed frames is left to the individual photographer.  Hanging of the Exhibition will be left, as usual, to the discretion of David Hunt.

  1. Each image must show the photographer and title on the front of the frames; and each parcelled bundle must have an affixed note showing the name of the photographer and titles of the images contained in it.  The format and style of the front facing slip is to be considered and resolved at the October 2017 meeting when Dave Wilkinson will bring a sample of the system used by Bury Photographic Society.
  1. Entries are to be brought to the December meeting

All images are expected to be correctly oriented and mounted in frames.

If anyone has any queries or concerns about the revised exhibition guidelines please get back to Lynn Bentley.

February 2017

Observations Collections Recollections a lifetime in Photography – Pete Davis

This major retrospective exhibition will feature work from across six decades of Pete’s photographic life and will also feature new work made especially for this show. Images from every major body of work Pete has produced during a long career will be
represented. In addition, a wealth of related material in the form of contact sheets, notebooks, publications and some of his photographic equipment will be on display. The exhibition opens on Saturday March 4th. 2017 until June 17th.

Pete will be giving a talk on his work at the National Library on Wednesday March 15th. Tickets, which are free, can be reserved from the National Library.



9 October 2016

Lancashire Museums – 2018 Exhibition

Keith is in contact with Lancashire Museums Service regarding the possibility of using some of their exhibition space in 2018 and wants to know whether anyone would be interested in joining with him on some theme or other?  He will be using the working title of ‘The Unpromising Landscape’ for the purposes of opening discussions.

9 October 2016

UCLAN – Fieldwork Photography Symposium

on Wednesday 9 November 2016 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

at The Greenbank Lecture Theatre on the main campus

 Keith has asked me to let you know about the Fieldwork Photography Symposium, The Greenbank Lecture Theatre on the main campus; a free one day event held at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston UK. It is made up of a series of talks by photographic practitioners on the this year’s theme of the urban image. The talks start at 9.30 and end at 4.30 with time for breaks, discussion, networking and lunch. Alongside the day of talks is an exhibition of photographic work on the same theme held at the PR1 Gallery in the Victoria Building. The Symposium lunch will be held upstairs in PR1. At the Symposium the second volume of North will be launched. North is a magazine showcasing the outputs by UCLan’s photographic students and staff. This volume is based on the same theme as the Symposium.  For more details check the Photography areas blog 

The event has been organised by UCLan’s Photography Research Group. Tickets are now available, go to;

Please note – you will need to bring your printed ticket to gain entry.

9 October 2016

 Autumn Keynote Speaker – Gus Wylie

Sunday 6 November 2016 – 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

 Please note the details of this day on the event page


16 May 2016 

Member Andrew Martland commisioned by O2

This article appears in the May 2016 edition of the RPS Magazine ‘THE JOURNAL’

DH_-0001New Doc 6_1

Thanks to Andrew and the RPS Journal editor for permission to reproduce the article

3 May 2016 – A new Gallery from Andrew Marland ARPS.

An brief Statement from Andrew:
As a photographer of the industrial landscape, I take pictures in places that most other people don’t – derelict mills, old cooling towers, steelworks and all manner of magnificently ugly places. I like to try and capture the essence, the spirit of a place, and black and white helps me interpret the scene so that it becomes more than just a record of what was in front of me on the day.
This is a selection of photographs from my Shadows of the North project, a long term project documenting the remains of the northern textile industry.
My websites are at and

2 May 2016 – At tonights meeting, Peter Fallas handed me a CD with his contribution to the Lancashire Monochrome Gallery. I have uploaded them so please have a look……….

28 April 2016 – New Gallery by Chris McGinley

20 April 2016 – New Gallery By David Crabtree

Keith Launchbury is involved with the Contemporary North West Photography Group – They have an exhibition currently running at Lytham Heritage Centre. Details Below:

CNW poster 1 (3)

Welcome to Lancashire Monochrome’s new website.

I hope you enjoy it. Please have a look at our members galleries and also check the blog regularly for updates.

If you have any comments to make please feel free to contact us using the contact form.


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