A view on Lancashire Monochrome

from member Geoff Davies

One of the great things about candid photography is its unpredictability, you can choose a location or an event but that’s usually as far as the planning goes. I have been told many times that I am a lucky photographer but it is a fact that my luck is directly proportional to the amount of work that I do.

The first picture has almost a surreal quality. I could not believe that anyone could leave a child of that age in charge of a dog that size outside a cooked meat shop. The onlooker couldn’t either.


The second picture is more straight reportage. It shows the industrialist Lord Weinstock, complete with cigar, confronting pickets outside his G.E.C head office in Mayfair.


It is unlikely that either of these prints would do anything in the usual camera club competitions. At Lancashire Monochrome, because of our non-competitive stance, we have no judge to impress except the best judge of all, the individual who produced the work.